Clive Davis
Registered Osteopath

LEEDS: 0113 436 0018

HARROGATE: 01423 434018

About Clive Davis Osteopath

Our goal at Clive Davis Osteopath is to provide you with a professional service at comparable fee levels to colleagues in Leeds and Harrogate. We work hard to ensure that we satisfy the expectations of our patients and deliver the assistance and advice that they need. With many years experience in healthcare, our expertise and knowledge to help you get back to full health is offered to you. Contact us to find out more.

Clive has gained a fantastic reputation over the past 30 years always showing excellent patient care. Clive brings a high level of commitment to excellence in all of his professional work. ”I have met many different types of people from all walks of life over the years. People continue to fascinate me. I also in recent years started to treat animals. I have treated dogs.cats, horses,and a rabbit. Osteopaths can also treat fish”. In the early part of his career elite pole vaulters at Bristol Athletics Club were visiting for treatment and advice. This led to an involvement with Internationals from an early stage in career.” I quickly began to see the value of Osteopathy in this setting as a valuable part of a multidisciplinary team.” However at the end of the day. You try and do your best for everybody that seeks your professional opinion whoever they are.”

The image below is me treating Becki a small dog at the end of a busy week treating lots of people. It does not get much better than this. The dog relaxes, and so do I. Our conversation is limited.However we both enjoy the fresh air.