Clive Davis
Registered Osteopath

LEEDS: 0113 436 0018

HARROGATE: 01423 434018


Phil Winstone
Outstanding knowledge. Have a 20 year old condition of two ruptured neck discs which invariably result in the compression of a nerve and throbbing down one arm. Immediate relief and total resolution after a few treatments. Having relocated to Yorkshire. I am pleased to have Clive at hand.

Nathan Menanshe
For the past three years. I have had low back pains.and have been to two different Chiropractors that were not successful and requested many treatments.About three weeks ago my low back pain came back and luckily I found Doc Clive who was very welcoming and professional, and on point. After only two treatments my pain is very much reduced, and my mobility is very much better. I highly recommend Doc Clive Davis for anyone looking for a quick professional and kind Osteopath to help you with back problems

Didrik Livijn
I went to see Clive after a Gym accident that caused chronic back pain. I was told it was a soft tissue injury, and how it affected the rest of the body. Clive did heal the injury, and I was healed only after a few sessions. I did feel a massive relief from the first session, and the pain is not here anymore. His additional rehab advice that I could do myself did also improve the healing process.

Louise Halliwell
After several weeks of pain in my neck, and shoulder area. Clive quickly
identified the issue, and after one session has reduced my pain and freed up my
range of movement. I would highly recommend Clive. Just wish I’d gone sooner.

Naomi Mathew
Despie numerous pointlesss appointments with Physiotherapists Chiropractors, Podiatrsts and even Massage therapists. Clive was able to locate the various problems causing me a large ammount of pain and discomfort almost immediately, and in just a few sessions my ongoing pain has significantly reduced. Clearly experienced in his practice. I would totally reccomend Clive’s services for long lasting treatment of root cause.

Emma C
Thank you so much.
I have been seeing Clive Davis for a few months now, and would highly reccomend him to anyone. I have had back and neck problems for twenty years now, and tried physio and accupuncture a number of times, neither of which helped.
As a mum of two young boys my back pain was having an impact on my life, and activities I could do with my children. I was also stuggling to sleep due to pain. Since seeing Clive I am sleeping better, and can do more with my children. This treatment really has changed my life for the better. Clive I can not thank you enough.

Chris S
Thank you so much Mr Davis.
I hobbled in like an old man to my appointment with Mr Davis in severe back pain, and left after a treatment with only a residual twinge. A day on, and my back is pain free.
Mr Davis diagnosed the problem, provided immediate manipulative treatment, and made an instant difference.

The pain I had been in the day before was excruciating, and to make such progress with one visit was fantastic.
I shall be returning for regular manipulation to try to ensure I do not suffer a similar ‘ attack’
Top, friendly and effective service. Can’t speak highly enough. Thank you Mr Davis.

Chris Stratford


Ian M
Very professional but down to earth. Central Leeds location ideal for lunch time appointment. Very good at what he does . Recommend.
Nahida P
Clive was able to treat the pain that I have suffered for such a long time. He is very professional and experienced in his field. I am so pleased with the results of the treatment.
Tyler Davidson- Joyner
Just had my first session with Clive and he’s absolutely brilliant ! He’s located a dislocated rib that’s been messed up for 8 years during a rugby collision, and now he’s working to sort it out ! After one session I feel so much better!!!

Highly recommended !!!
Rene Binyon
Clive is an exceptional Osteopath. I have had over 30 years of chronic back problems including surgery for a prolapsed disc(which he identified).
Craig Stokes
Great Osteopath in the Harrogate / Leeds area highly recomended
Simon Noble
Clive did wonders for my back. Thank you Clive.
Linda Woodford
Thank you for sorting out my back Clive.,am pain free at the gym and can do the gardening without being in agony for days after. Great service, would highly recommend.

Steve Jackson
I went to Clive several months ago and he has been doing a great job of sorting out my shoulder/back/neck issues. Range of motion has increased greatly and the amount of discomfort I am in has really reduced.
Alan Stukens
I have been visiting Clive regularly for ongoing neck and shoulder issues. I can thoroughly reccomend. Clive and the knowledge and techniques he uses. He is patient always keen to know of any issues I m suffering with, and he caries out his work in a very riendly professional manner. I have no doubt that if I was not visiting Clive then I ould find my issues troublesome in my day to day job but I definetly find it much better with his treatment.
Jane Ellis
Clive treat me for a frozen shoulder and a problem with my opposite one for compensating for the frozen shoulder which I could feel an improvement in just a few visits, with time , and regular visits things are so much better. He is a very patient pleasant man, and his prices are very reasonable. I would reccomend him.
Susan Evans
Clive has helped with a Physio exercise plan to strengthen my knee muscles after an accident and pain has significantly decreased. My GP did not offer any treatment plan.
Imran Khan
5 Stars is not enough, but google only supports five. Clive is the best genuine Osteopath available, he has a wealth of experience and does everything to get you back to top performance. I had several issues, and been to lots of Osteopaths who could not see past my wallet. Clive, on the other hand, got straight to work and found the issue, and felt better, just after two sessions. If you are looking for an honest, genuine professional Osteopath who can cure you. Look no further.
David Beale
This man has magical healing hands.30 minutes with Clive turned me from a
prematurely old man grasping my back every time I stood up,sat down,got out of
bed into a sprightly spring chicken. I literally pirouetted my way out of his
surgery. So so pleased I tried him out. Thank you Clive.

Christian M
Took our 7 week old son to see Clive, after being told by the GP that afer changing his milk four times and having two different medications there was nothing more they could do. After just 4 sessions with Clive he is like a different child. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Sophie Flush
After countless Doctors appointments that resulted in no help or treatment, and a week of not being able to moe over the summer. I was left feeling deflated, and had no hope of my back getting better. I am only 19 and not being able to spend a day withou being in constant agony was a real low in my life. Clive changed all of this, and has helped so much. He has literrally turned my life around. He is amazing at what he does. He and his staff are so kind and professional. He does not like to force more sessions than needed like others might, and the price you pay is minscule compared to the outcome of the treatment. Thank you so much fo all your help Clive. I would reccomend him to anyone.
Valerie Clapham
Excellent, my back is much improved and I am feeling very positive about my outcome.
Andrew D
Treatment for work back injuries
I would like to write and to the point of my current treatment. Iam receiving from Clive Davis like anybody I was nervous as I have never ever used an Osteopath in my life always Doctors or Physios. But all I can say best decision ever after my injury at work Clive listens and tailors treatment for you , and gets to work helping you get your life back.