Clive Davis
Registered Osteopath

LEEDS: 0113 436 0018

HARROGATE: 01423 434018

Osteopathy For Animals

Animals, just like humans can suffer back, neck and muscular injuries from trips, falls and bumps, causing pain, stiffness as well as loss of mobility, lack of performance or even behavioural changes. Like humans, animals can benefit from manipulation using Osteopathy. In 2001. I underwent post graduate training in treating large and small animals in Wantage Oxfordshire.It was one of the most interesting years of my professional life.

I have full Professional Indemnity cover for treating animals with a Veterinary referral.

This video shows some of the techniques used to treat animals that Clive uses. Stuart the osteopath in the video was the course leader in Wantage. I owe him much.

There is a significant amount of evidence to support the treatment of animals with Osteopathy and Clive has been treating animals since 2001 from mice to elephants. Animals are treated at a mutually convenient location. I treat horses where they reside in yards, and private homes. Small animals I can visit in their homes or treat in a public space like a park. The law requires consent from a Veterinary Surgeon to start any treatment. Please contact me for the form.

These are a few pictures of Becki being treated. I use a combination of orthodox structural techniques, cranial to generally give the dog a sense of comfort, and wellbeing. She loves being treated, and never complains at all. Afterwards she has a bit of an extra spring in her step.
I love these moments.

Please do not use the online booking system to book your pet. Please phone ​0113 4360018 or 01423 434018. Thank you