Clive Davis
Registered Osteopath

LEEDS: 0113 436 0018

HARROGATE: 01423 434018

Sport and Dance Injuries

Clive Davis specialises in Sports and Dance injury with a broad experience offering effective osteopathy to get you match fit or dance ready as soon as possible.

Whether you take part in sport recreationally or if it is part of your profession you may develop an injury at some some stage. Clive can offer you safe and effective treatment quickly getting you back to what you love. It is helpful to plan your rehabilitation around an event your are competing in. Living Well Leeds have very advanced rehabilitation equipment that is highly recommended.

Clive has over 30 years of experience treating all forms of sports injuries from professional sports men and women in England Rugby, England Hockey,U.K.Athletics and Professional golf, Throughout his career he has looked after dancers from Ballet Rambert and The Central school of Ballet London.

As part of your treatment plan Orthotics may be prescribed for ballet shoes, running spikes or ski boots. Ordinary shoes can also be prescribed for in association with Langer Biomechanics. This will be discussed in partnership with you at your consultation.You can view a video on the subject on this page.The prescription of successful orthotics require a comprehensive review of ALL footwear. We need to know how much time each type of shoe you use. You will bring an example of every type of shoe prior to measuring, and every type for fitting. Detailed instructions are given on wearing new devices.

Osteopathy can treat many sports and dance injuries including:

  • Groin and hip strain
  • Knee and cartilage injury
  • Chondromalacia patellae
  • Muscle and tendon strain (such as hamstring and calf tears)
  • Plantar fasiculitis
  • Sprained ankle and Knee ligaments
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Rotator cuff injuries of the shoulder
  • Tennis and Golfers elbow
  • Sacroiliac joint injury